Can I order any amount of sod?


The minimum order for delivery is 500sq. ft.  If you place a ‘farm pick-up’ order, your order can be as small as 50sq. ft. which is 7 rolls.


What is the size of your rolls of sod?


Our sod is cut into rolls of 8 sq. ft. for easy handling. The sod rolls are 24” x 48”.

The sod height is approximately 2” thick… 1 ½ “of blade and ½ - ¾ of root base.


How many square feet per pallet?


There are 500 square feet (sq. ft.) per pallet.


When is the best time to install sod?


Sod can be laid year-round. Only times it cannot be laid is when ground is frozen or has snow on it.


What preparation do I need to do before delivery of sod?


Please go to our Installation page for complete details.


How long can I wait after the sod is delivered to install it?


We recommend that you lay it the same day, but during cooler seasons within a 24 hour period is also acceptable.


Will sod grow in the shade?


Not very well, we recommend that you over seed the sod with a fine fescue seed that can be purchased at Willamette Turf with your sod order.  Over seeding should be done in the early spring and early fall.


I forgot to apply fertilizer before I laid the sod… what can I do now?


Fertilize within the first two weeks.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions on the bag and be sure to water the fertilizer accordingly.


How often should I fertilize?


Your lawn should be fertilized every six weeks during the growing season of March to October.


What type of fertilizer should I use?


During the growing season use a 16-16-16, follow the manufacture’s instructions. November thru February you should use a winter fertilizer.


How often should I water my yard?


Water a new lawn immediately and keep soil moist for the next two weeks to help the root system adapt to the new location.  Weather conditions will determine the amount and frequency of watering.  During warm weather, consistent watering is critical. After your yard is established water twice per week for a total of 1” is adequate. 


What does it mean if there are mushrooms in my lawn?


Mushrooms are good sign of a healthy lawn, it is a sign of plenty of organic material. Mushrooms should be raked or mowed, and put in with your yard debris. This will control them without the use of a chemical.  Fungicide is another option available for removal.


What type of grass is Willamette Turf sod?

Willamette Turf sod uses either a 3-way blend of perennial ryegrasses and tall fescue that are recommended for the Northwest. Our blend is traffic tolerant and disease resistant.  Stays lush and green year round.

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