Sod vs. Seed &                         Turfgrass                                             Seed/ Hydroseed



Time of year



Best in late April to early June and September through October


Seed Quality

Top quality Oregon grown grass seed. Seed fields are personally inspected.


Variable and sometimes unspecified insist on no annual ryegrass no annual bluegrass; only perennial ryegrass. Kentucky bluegrass, or fine fescue

Weed Control

A healthy yard is the first and the best line of defense. Sod fields are planted repeatedly and watered and fertilized property to maintain a weed free yard

Seeding grass cannot easily compete unless several chemical applications are used


Runoff/ Erosion control

Sod is one of the best erosion control substances available.  The water runs off the top and as the sod roots, the whole slope is stabilized.

Hydroseed mulch helps reduce erosion to some degree compared to seed.  However, with heavy Oregon rains both seed and hydroseeding can wash deeply.

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